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Nutrition, Health & Wellness

At Nestlé we understand that some of our consumers may have allergic reactions or sensitivities to the major food allergens identified by FSANZ - Foods Standards of Australia and New Zealand.  Find our Nestlé NZ product allergen lists here.


In this adventure of motherhood, your meals play an important role in helping to ensure that everything happens as planned.


A healthy diet during pregnancy is important for both you and your growing foetus. This section takes a look at good nutrition during this wonderful period in a woman’s life.


For first time mums, motherhood means new joys, new discoveries and new surprises with each passing day.


Starting in the first months of life, whether breastfeeding or enjoying their first taste of solids, your baby will begin to learn healthy eating habits.


At this stage, toddlers are more aware of the world around them, including noticing what others, particularly their parents, are eating.


For parents today, we understand that juggling the demands of an active family and providing nutritious meals that satisfy everyone’s needs and taste buds can be a tough task.


Family, career and favourite sporting teams often rank high on the list of priorities in life, however, personal health and wellbeing can be much further down the list.


In the later years of life, a healthy diet can help you to stay active and stay well.