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Allergen Lists




At Nestlé we understand that some of our consumers may have allergic reactions or sensitivities to the major food allergens identified by FSANZ - Foods Standards of Australia and New Zealand.

Nestlé globally, has also decided to label a few other allergens in addition to those identified by FSANZ to be consistent with Nestlé labelling worldwide.

For further information about allergens view our lists below:

Dietary Avoidance List Gluten (pdf, 208kb)

Dietary Avoidance List Vegan List (pdf, 290kb)

Dietary Avoidance List Egg Free(pdf, 214kb)

Dietary Avoidance List Dairy Free(pdf, 201kb)

Dietary Avoidance List Nuts and Tree Nuts(pdf, 201kb)

Dietary List Halal(pdf, 174kb)